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The Ecobug range of revolutionary, cost-effective cleaning products are formulated to cut down on cleaning time, reduce water use and save you money. At Phos® we are proud to offer our customers the complete range of Ecobug products and services.

Why Ecobug?

The idea behind Ecobug is simple and natural. The staining and deposits that build up on work surfaces, in kitchen utensils and in toilets are the result of contamination by colonies of bacteria that feed on the particle deposits left behind. These bacterial colonies are unsightly, smelly and potentially hazardous to humans. Once they become entrenched, they are very hard to remove, and usually require the use of harsh chemical cleaners, such as bleach and chlorine, to restore cleanliness. This is a two-edged sword, because although bleach restores the appearance of cleanness, at the same time bleach itself is a major pollutant of the water supply. Bleach is ruinously harmful to the environment and costs millions in taxpayer’s money every year to remove trace bleach from the drinking water supply.

How does it work?

Wouldn’t it be better if there were an easier, eco-friendly way? Ecobug’s solution is to harness naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria to break down the stains, smells and blockages caused by harmful bacteria. The range is devastatingly effective, easily outperforming most commercial bleach-based cleaning products.

The results:

– Ecobug’s highly efficient cleaning range saves you money in cleaning products over the long term.
– Save money in water bills. Toilets and urinals treated with Ecobug only need a pint per day of flush water per day to keep clean, saving you up to 98% of your previous water use.
– Less bleach and fewer dangerous chemicals flushed out into the environment – not to mention your own drinking water supply!

Start saving today

For the complete range of Ecobug’s robust and hardworking cleaners, get in touch with the Phos® team today. Let us talk you through the savings you can make in your home and business. Give us a call on 01355 220249 to speak to one of our team or send us a message via the online contact form.