At Phos® we are proud to offer our customers IceCOLD, a revolutionary eco-friendly and cost-saving product that extends the life of your refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. We are an official IceCOLD distribution partner and provide products directly from the IceCOLD laboratories in the USA.

What is IceCOLD?

IceCOLD is an eco-friendly synthetic catalyst that is added to an air-con or refrigeration system’s compressor oil. It provides colder air through the system’s vents, which in turn cools down the whole system quickly and efficiently. The result is an air-con system that uses less energy in temperature management, and thus costs less to run. The savings from IceCOLD are impressive, not to mention a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Why choose IceCOLD?

If you haven’t yet heard of IceCOLD, then you soon will. The product has already had a proven track record of success in the US and has won a number of environmental awards for its energy saving potential. IceCOLD has been adopted internationally by such corporate giants as McDonalds and Bimbo, and is quickly developing a global reach. The reasons are simple: companies that use IceCOLD are saving thousands of pounds on their energy bills and are substantially reducing their environmental impact at the same time.

What’s in it for you:

With Phos®, IceCOLD is not the sole preserve of big multi-national players. We bring this revolutionary money-saving technology down to earth so that your business can reap the benefits. We provide cost-effective IceCOLD services to UK businesses of all sizes, at a price that suits your budget. We are confident you will be quickly impressed by the savings on your energy costs.

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