At Phos® we are proud to be an official partner and supplier of Aquasentry pollution control systems. As a business, sustainability and reducing your impact on the environment is not only a moral imperative, it is also a statutory obligation. The Environment Agency enforces stringent guidelines for monitoring and controlling potential water pollution. Don’t settle for mere compliance with Environment Agency standards. Lead your industry and set new standards for environmental good practice. Our Phos® Aquasentry solutions are the natural and cost-effective means for you to do so.

What is Aquasentry?

Aquasentry is a leading developer of drainage and waste management technologies. Since 1986, they have manufactured leading edge technology that monitors and controls pollution at source before major issues occur. Their products include:

• Interceptor/Separator tanks with integral alarm systems
• Grease traps and monitors
• Sewage monitoring
• 24/7 spill response management
• Environment Agency Auditing – how compliant is your business?
• Wireless monitoring services. Connect all your remote sites to a simple monitoring interface you can access on the move from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

At Phos® we provide the full range of Aquasentry products and services at competitive prices, to any company that handles water drainage.

Find out More

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