LED Panels are the most effective way to light large open plan areas. They are used in hotels, airports, hospitals, office buildings, call centres, shops, schools, colleges and in many other sectors. The benefit to you is that LED Panels can be unobtrusively installed in walls or ceilings. This removes the need for intrusive wall or ceiling mounted fittings.

The benefits of LED panels

The downside of traditional PV panels is their cost, high energy use and short service life. They are usually dependent on cumbersome halogen light bulbs. Our Phos LED lighting panels are the energy-efficient alternative. Choosing high-performance LED panel lighting means many times greater luminosity, with far less energy wasted on heat. This is especially important in precision industries and hospitals, where energy efficiency and attention to detail are paramount. Our high CRI LED lighting solutions are ideal for hospital operating theatres and surgical environments, where no compromise is acceptable.

PHOS: The clear choice

At Phos, we offer our customers a unique custom-design service that sets us apart from other providers within the industry. Our panel lights can be created to bespoke sizes to suit the layout of your premises, and are guaranteed to save you inconvenience and money.

Why choose LED Panels?

There are many cost-saving and environmental benefits of LED Panels, including:

• Super-slim design
• High performance and efficiency: Our panels use 70% less energy than traditional PV panels, and still give out 80 LM/W with uniformed luminance.
• Lifespan of 50,000 hours or more per panel.
• Instant start with no background noise or flickering
• No electrical wave interference
• Green energy standards compliant with the RoHS
• Five-year warranty as standard with all installations

Start Saving Today

To find out more about our LED Panels and how they can help save you money on energy, get in touch with our team today for a personalised consultation and bespoke quote.